First Day of School: 2012-2013!

>> Monday, September 3, 2012

We have TWO classes this year here at Sunshine Preschool!  Very exciting -- a morning class and an afternoon class.  Our first day of school was awesome!  I sure love all these kiddos and cannot wait to spend this school year with them.

I try and keep the first day of school pretty low-key so that no one is overwhelmed.  We learn names, talk about rules, and bring out a few simple activities!

Although our first day was filled with a lot more, I was only able to snap pictures of a few things.

Here is my morning class... showing me what letters they know with their crackers at snack time!

And, of course, we love painting on the first day of school!

CUTE, cute kids, huh!? :)
Here are some of my afternoon class...


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